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Staying at the Pavilion is like having your own private resort in Jamaica nestled in the hills. The difference is that each member of the staff is there to take care of your needs and no one else’s. The full time staff at Pavilion provides outstanding care and service in a seamless manner, which will delight everyone.

Iona is a personal chef who will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner in any fashion that is requested. She takes care of all the shopping, cooking and clean up and if you like she will even make all the decisions. Iona is an expert at preparing tasty and creative meals, but is also very flexible and knowledgeable about cooking for special dietary needs (or picky eaters). Iona has been at The Pavilion for over 25 years, and makes the place as special as it is!

Glenford is a butler who mixes drinks, serves food, and makes sure that the pool towels are in place as well as taking care of any other miscellaneous requests. Be sure to ask for one of his flaming coffees at the end of dinner! Glenford has been at The Pavilion for 20 years now, and has always had the same smile every time a new group arrives.

Sandra and Annette clean and prepare the rooms during the morning and turn down the beds at night. Annette tends to the laundry on a daily basis so guests can pack lightly knowing that laundry will be collected in the morning and returned in the evening, one of the best perks of The Pavilion! Sandra has been at The Pavilion for 24 years, and Annette has been at The Pavilion for 10 years!

Juel is in charge of the flowers and gardens that surround the guests each and every minute while on the Pavilion grounds. Juel has been at The Pavilion for 5 years!

 The longevity of our staff is a key reason why The Pavilion has provided the same magical, care-free, and relaxing vacation experience over all these years. The attention and care provided is something that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world, and we are lucky to have such great people work at The Pavilion!

While not included in the villa rental, The Pavilion has a network of drivers which are highly recommended for guests to employ during their stay. Whether it is a day trip to Negril or Ocho Rios, or just coordinating guests’ different transportation issues (tennis, golf, beach, restaurant, or airport transit), having a driver allows more flexibility for you and your guests and more time to focus on the vacation! Our drivers know the island very well and can be very helpful with any recommendations or questions you have!

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